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Source for publishing articles in newspapers and magazines, i.e. how to get the most mileage out of one published article.

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In the academic world, authors can spin articles by breaking up the research study into parts.  A good dissertation may well be divided into scholarly articles dealing with, for example, the literature review or the development of a test simply as a test as part of the larger design, data gathering, analysis, etc.  Moreover, most lengthy studies have side components that can be "spun off" as tangential to the original researched thesis but publishable in and of themselves. Sometimes, the topics lend themselves to a subset of articles tied to a geographical area.  But for academics, monetary rewards seldom are part of the deal; many newspapers and periodicals are fighting to survive and finding a publisher in a reputable scholarly publication trumps any financial reward! Scholars can and do publish textbooks or popular analyses of their scholarly works and then get royalties.  

In the commercial world, rules relating to copyright and ownership are less likely to be followed and the number and substance of articles on similar topics varies radically. I did discover a good keyword approach, i.e., search "spinning articles" in any search engine and you'll get some results including some software to help you rewrite your articles.  Lots of people obviously do this, but there may well be a price to pay when someone thinks you've stolen their ideas and published an article (that is, idea).

You can also use some of the general databases at our main Libraries site if you have a BroncoNet ID and password or are physically in our Libraries.  Again, the key phrase seems to be "article spinning" or spinning articles.  One that I found quickly was:

Looking for a few good ideas?. Patricia L. Fry.
Writer's Digest. 77.1 (Jan. 1997) p38. Word Count: 2059.
There are some obvious ways to unearth good writing ideas. Eleven such sources are discussed. They include using topics from personal experiences, discovering interesting people in a neighborhood, spinning off a topic ...

Here are some general databases besides our PowerSearch.

ProQuest Research Library  
Indexes popular magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers and trade publications in a wide range of subject areas, including business, education, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Full-text available for over 2,500 journals. Coverage from 1971.

Indexes scholarly literature in the natural and social sciences. Use this to get extensive inter-disciplinary access to journal articles and also to find out which articles are being cited by other scholars . Coverage from 1995.

Academic OneFile  
Academic Onefile from InfoTrac contains full text articles from several thousand peer reviewed journals which cover a wide range of subjects including the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In addition it contains several hundred audio files and transcripts from NPR, CNN, and CBC. It also contains a number of national and international newspapers. Updated daily.

Access World News  
Find full-text of current and archived state, national and international news articles in this collection of over 4500 newspapers and other news sources. It includes the majority of the top circulating U.S. newspapers, along with thousands of local and regional titles.

Laurel A. Grotzinger, Ph.D.
Professor, University Libraries
Western Michigan University

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